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We offer a range of services--all designed to help your water system reach its potential. Whether you're looking for a small tweak or complete overhaul, we have you covered. Our services are available a la carte so you can get precisely what you need.

Whatever your water situation and the challenges you face, we have solutions. You can count on us for all your water needs. You can count on us for all your water needs!


Submersible Pumps

We are proud to offer submersible pumps, a pump with the ability to be placed underwater and still carry out its intended purpose. Popular types of submersible pumps include sump pumps and sewage pumps. However, a submersible pump can be used where any fluid needs to be drained or pumped out. Some examples include:
  • Drainage
  • Sewage pumping
  • Slurry pumping
  • Aquarium filters
  • General industrial pumping
  • Pumping water from bore wells
  • Pumping oil from oil wells

Pressure tanks

Pressure tanks store pressurized water that can be distributed to different areas, helping to elongate a pump's lifespan because they allow them to run when they are needed, verses always staying "on".

Pressure tanks are typically used in conjunction with private wells. The tanks provide consistent pressure to the home's water system, holding extra water in the system. With over 30 years experience, Scott Owen Pump has the knowledge to ensure your pressure tank is operating correctly and efficiently.

We offer solutions and consulting for:

  • Residential water
  • Medium and large businesses
  • Irrigation water and systems
  • Public and private water systems
  • Leak detection
  • Pump cycling problems
  • Low water pressure
  • Underground utility locating
  • Well performance testing


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