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Backflow Testing Service

We are a certified backflow prevention testing company serving Missoula and surrounding area.

We are certified by the American Backflow Prevention Association to assure that installed backflow prevention assemblies continue to protect drinking water. This certification also demonstrates our ability to test and diagnose the operation of the different types of backflow prevention assemblies.

What does a backflow preventer do?
backflow prevention assembly is used to protect potable (fit for drinking) water supplies from contamination or pollution due to backflow. 

In water supply systems, water is normally maintained at a significant pressure to enable water to flow from the tap, shower etc. When this pressure fails or is reduced, as may happen if a water main bursts, pipes freeze or there is unexpectedly high demand on the water system, then such reduced pressure in the pipe may allow contaminated water to be drawn up into the system. 

A backflow preventer works by using a one-way valve to prevent water from backing up into the supply line, basically allowing water to flow in one direction. When no supply is present, the valve automatically closes so that water on the other, or downstream, side of the valve cannot pass through the valve and contaminate the supply line.

A Backflow Preventer is a mechanical device, and like any mechanical device, it will fail. We recommend every backflow prevention device be tested at least yearly to verify its operation. Failure to do so could allow a backflow event.

What does the Backflow Test involve?
The backflow test is fairly simple. Every testable backflow device has test ports built into it to allow annual testing. A test kit will be connected to the device and verify proper operation. All water downstream of the backflow device must be shut off to perform the test. We provide backflow preventer testing on Watts, Wilkins, and Conbraco backflow preventers. 

What are common causes of failures?
Several factors influence the lifespan of a backflow device. These factors include water pressure, water quality, frequency of use and installation environment. About 5% of tested devices will have a problem. Most problems are simple and are caused by worn O-rings, cut seals or broken springs. Severe problems such as cracked castings and shattered poppets are usually caused by exposure to freezing temperatures. We provide backflow preventer repair on Watts, Wilkins, and Conbraco backflow preventers. 

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